Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 Up above is what I looked like last october. I wasn't happy with the way I looked, and even less thrilled with the way I FELT. I felt sick almost all the time, I didn't have a lot of energy, and I never really thought that I was handsome. Plus, moobs.
So yeah, never even liked looking in a mirror, but more importantly, I was not healthy. I drank WAY too much soda, and ate junk food all the time. Not really thinking about what it was doing to my body, and my health, even though doctors and my family always told me. So, here I am six months later from that, and I feel terrific. I may not look like I want to, but I feel the difference. I wish I had a picture right now of me, but I don't. So, sorry everyone.
I guess the message of the day is, why we kill ourselves to better ourselves. Here's my reasons:

In fact, they are the only things worth doing anything for. But, after my Mom passed, I realized that I want to be with them for a LONG time. So, I better get in shape, and healthy. And along the way, I found that I now like the way I feel and look, and really want to be as good looking as i feel. so, the message of the day again, is: Figure out what you're doing things for. Why you exercise, why you work, why you do anything difficult. Because in the end, if it isn't worth it, don't do it. With love, here's looking at ya!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I begin this new post with a word of advice, I am no fitness guru. I never have been and never will be. I just got tired of being overweight and unhealthy. I decided after my mother died that my lifestyle needed some tweaks, and now am starting to do that. In the form of excercising more.

Now, I know most people out there are very good at keeping themselves fit, and trim...Or at the very least, non-obese. whereas I was getting to be a rather large inividual, without the "oh he must play football" remarks from passer-bys. So, here I am this year, doing Shaun T's Insanity program, and having finished that, doing P90X right now.

Yesterday was my first day on p90X. I have to say, while difficult, it wasn't as huge a struggle to get through. I credit Insanity for that one. That program killed me. I mean, it was one of those exercise programs where you REALLY have t push yourself to press play. But, herein lies the awesome factor (Which by the way, I will use this phrase a lot) I got leaner. By NO imagination skinny, but I lost some inches, and I felt great. And isn't that what we are really striving for? To feel great? About our health, our body, our accomplishments?

Back to the X. As I said, it was Chest and arms, and I had no real issue. It was a struggle, but I could handle it. Now the butt kicker came in the form of the Ab Ripper X workout. 16 minutes of gut wrenching hades. I struggled immensely with that one, but I did it all. And here is what I learned yesterday, strength comes from the core. (Shaun T talks about this a LOT, but I am using it in a differential understanding.) It really is what you have inside of you that pushes you. That shows what you cando, and where your limits are. Everything comes from the core. Core beliefs, core strength, and core ideas. we focus at what the best of us have inside, and we can push it. We may get tired, or strained, but we can push. becoming even stronger for the next challenge. (Metaphor over)

Today was the Plyo aspect of P90X. And I wish I could say, I did it all, but I cannot. I have a good reason though. My 16 month old wouldn't sit in her seat, and had to be held. And while I lover her, jumping around the room with her isn't gonna happen. So I had to end early. It still was awesome though. i mean, it was the small simple movements that a child could make, but it got me going and sweating, and tired, and after a while. sore. I LOVED it.

In the coming days I shall share pictures of my struggles, so that we can all have fun, and I'll share some more tidbits like my life vs. LIFE picture comparisons. They are fun. Scroll down my blog to see the one I did YEARS ago. Anyways, I am back to blogging, and here's hoping it gives me the writing inspiration to finish my books. Thanks all. PEACE!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A month of working out

So this past month and a half, I have been participating in the forbis family challenge. I feel like I have worked hard, and have had nothing to show for it. I don't think I'm any skinnier, nor do I feel lighter. (A fact verified by my weigh machine.) I am trying hard, but nothing happens, what am I doing wrong? I have no idea. Maybe I just am born big. I'm not supposed to be attractive? Maybe, I never have been, so why start now right? Lol. Anyway, I will keep going, and we'll soon see the end result. Thanks all. Out.


Friday, October 22, 2010


Another game review form my own humble collection. In a wrod awesome. It was a hard choice to pick a favorite with this in my collection just begging to be the best. But, sadly not my favorite, it runs a mighty close second.
The game begins with Batman bringing the Joker to Arkham Asylum, and things soon go down the crapper from there. Joker escapes and Batman must find and capture him, but not before other rescuing and finding missions to get to the ultimate goal. Not the most original Batman story, but it's pulled off awesomely here.
As said above, it's simple but effective. It's almost a sandbox style game, but with different sections to the island. And each is as different from the last. The storyline takes you all over the island from a medical center to a mansion, and even a green house. Now back to the beginning, Joker escaping is nothing new, this just lets you play it out instead of watching or reading about it. Joker has a plan for the Dark Knight, and won't be stopped til it's prepared. And it's fun to try and figure it out as you go along. Not much else to be said of the story, just go through the game to find it.
This is where the game shines. It's a blast from beginning to end. The stealth portions of the game are fluid and enjoyable, and if you mess up it really is your fault. The stealth consists mainly of hiding in the rafters or perching yourself on gargoyle statues situated at the top of the room. You can move from statue to statue singleing out each bad guy to take down. If hidden successfully, you have to just push the button to silently take down the enemy, but shortly thereafter Joker pipes in letting everyone know that they're down a guy, so you can't rest on your laurels. Which is a blast, as you can't just be stagnant and still. Aiding you in the hunt is what's called detective mode, and during the stealth it's a great asset. Almost to a fault, even. As it let's you see through walls to find the skeletal frames of the people around the corner, and telling you who has weapons and who's just a hand to hand fighter. While effective, it's eases down the difficulty quite a bit. The real meat of the game is how Batman fights. In the comics he's the best fighter in the world. In the game, it shows why. The freeflow combat system is a joy to play. It's responsive, flashy and tightly packaged to make fighting something you want to engage in. You can easily move from slamming a guy in the face to blocking a blow from behind you all the while never ruining your combos. Simply put, magic in a bottle. Peppered around the maps is also Riddler challenges, and crime scenes that you need detective mode for again. Solving the riddles is pretty easy, the screen shows you the clues, and you have to look around the area to find the answer. Hold the button down and a flash of light shows that you've done it. Again, simple, but effective. However, a little more challenge would be nice. On the other end however, the last few boss fights are...Well, lame! The game builds up to the final confrontation with Joker, and it's dissapointing to say the least. Very old school arcade. Hit hit, leave, hit hit, do the big finisher. Repeat. The other problem is that he becomes something we've faced 3 times before. With all the thought and effort that went into the rest of the game, this is just sad. Speaking of the rest, let's end on a positive for this section. The rest of the bosses are fun. Killer Crocs is especially interesting, luckily it's not a hand to hand, as we have many of those types of fights (batman vs. Big brute) before. This involves carefully moving over platforms taht are floating in Crocs cell. When walking through it I was actually tense and nervous about where he was gonna pop out of, and a couple of times I was startled to heck and gone. It was brilliantly accomplished and very satisfying.
Beautiful...More? Okay, Very beautiful. Really the graphics are awesome. The unreal engine works its wonder with this subject. Batman is big and muscular, but flows perfectly, and the cape moves in time with Batman and really adds a layer of depth to the running around. The level design is varied and gorgeous. The island itself is grimy and devoid of color, while the buildings are stylistically different. The mansion, as mentioned earlier, is quite gothic and imposing, while the greenhous is still imposing but more colorful and natural looking. While the medical center looks like it's out of a horror movie, degraded and falling apart with all sorts of scary looking tools scattered around. The penitentary is quite chilling in it's technical looking security and holding cells, while the asylum part of the island where they hold the super criminals is a technological wonder. All of these are beautifully rendered and colored. And just a joy to run through. Really, you have to see everything to believe it. And finally the rest of the characters. All have their classic style with a few modern touches. Scarecrow's design I love and his levels are interesting and give a nice break from the rest of the game. I won't give it away, but its a bit of a mindfreak. Overall graphicly this game nails it. It feels like Batman, what better praise than this?
Luckily another high point. For those that love Batman and the cartoons, we're happy to say that the original voices for Batman and Joker return. Yes, Kevin Conroy, and the highly awesome Mark Hamill are back! And boy do they deliver. Batman as voiced by Conroy, has always sounded bad-A! And Hamill gives my favorite interpretation of Joker. (Sorry Heath Ledger fans) I mean, he captures the total horror that was Ledgers, but blends it with the humor of Nicholson, and creates the Comic Book Joker in moving form. And the laugh...By Heaven, you can't beat it. It's the epitome of jokers laugh. Scary, and funny, and will totally murder your behind! Conroy's voice also is the best one. The much maligned Christian Bale gravel is no match for the pure dark that Conroy gives Batman. It's just perfectly monotone with inflection that I cannot describe. Just Awesome! The rest of the cast fits nicely save one...Killer Croc. We're introduced to this BEHEMOTH of a character, but when he opens his mouth...It's almost patheticly wimpy. It's got gravel and plenty of spit in it, but the pitch is high, and not too scary. Luckily all the others make up for this, (admittedly small) grievance. Oh, Harley Quinn is also back. Arleen Sorkin, I do believe she is the reason people love Harlet Quinn. She was introduced in the cartoon, and people demanded she be in the comics, I believe Miss Sorkin deserves all the credit. She is a loveable psycho, and that is hard to pull off. Overall here, awesome.
OVERALL: This game rocks, it's fun, and the challenges will bring you back after. The story is simple, and repeats itself in certain places, but it's definitely worth it. The ending may not be huge, which is why it's only my second favorite. The flaws bring it down only that much, but I do love going back and beating on thugs yelling "I'm Batman!" Simply the best Comic Book game out there today. Period.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy crap almost TWO YEARS!

So...yeah, I have sucked at doing this blog. BUT, I promise I'll do better. To catch up, I'll post some reviews of some of the games and movies I've played and seen since I started. First off, my favorite game...UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES

As I said above, it's my favorite game. Basically, because I am an adventure story nut. I love the idea of exploration and derring-do that goes with it all, and in that regard, U2 delivers HUGE!
The first game was fun, but suffered from some flaws that drug it down a bit, namely fighting enemies in supposedly just discovered locations, almost ALL the time; and then the levels towards the end in the sub base. That just brought the game to a dead halt! Now, I'm here to say that Uncharted 2 fixed those problems...For the most part. Luckily there aren't any levels that kill the it, but there are some annoyances that come and bring it down a bit. Anyway, let's get to the individual parts.
Here's where this type of game thrives or withers away like a vampire in daylight. And Uncharted 2 delivers a strong (if somewhat familiar) story. Uncharted 2 has our hero searching for Marco Polo's lost fleet, and then it switches early for what is called the cintimani stone. I like that it's something real, but not a macguffin that everyone knows about. Along the way we meet new characters and fall in love with the old ones all over again. The story is full of twists that it's hard to go through it all, but to put it short, it's great. Now, for the bad of this...It feels similar to the first game. A single object that holds great, and terrible power for whoever wields it, is just like the first one. And the guardians at the end just struck me like the zombie spanish from the first one. I mean, why are there ALWAYS monsters guarding these things? Something new would have been cool, but alas, we get a redo of the first game here. But still, it's fun to sit back and watch it unfold.
Here's where I love the game more. The controls are simple, and now more easy to follow thanks to a few key button matches that help it feel fluid. So instead of switching to a grenade as it's own weapon, you can hit the aim button and then while aiming hit a shoulder button to throw the grenade where you're looking, all the while still able to fire the gun right after. This makes killing enemies more fun, and not neccessarily easier, but more real and fluid. (That's a word to dexscribe most of the game.) The only gripe I had was that you still have to climb over countless obstacles, and while sometimes that makes sense, when you do it for the millionth time, it's old. Also, I love that your partner AI is some of the best to ever grace a game. I mean they shoot at enemies, take cover, let you know when there's trouble, and still help instead of hindering you. So great...BUT, the climbing thing comes in again. You constantly help them up to a high ladder, or they help you, I mean this happens in almost EVERY chapter. Save for the big set pieces, it happens all the time. But oh well, small price right? What's not a small price, or small favor to ask is, increase puzzles, and decrease gun battles. I loved the puzzles implemented but there so few that it's hardly worth talking about. And as soon as they're done, you're in a gun battle for the fiftieth time. I love the battles, but sometimes less is more. Like the first game where you're exploring a place that is "secret" you find enemies already there? Not only that, but they have back-up? Seriously? Come on. The other thing with the battles is the hand to han fights. They are improved here, but still no perfect. Plus a few more of them would have been great. About the middle of the road is a good one, you are on the train and the big boss of the level is there and you have to take him down. It was an awesome hand to hand, but you guessed it...I had to shoot him enough to even have this fight. I mean really? We couldn't just figt? This could have been the Indy versus the mechanic fight in Raiders... but no.
Superb...That is all...No? Okay, well it's some of the most engaging and fun I've ever seen or heard in a game. The characters are likeable, funny, and most important, real. They never act out of character. Especially lead Nate Drake played by Nolan North. He always is in over his head and reacts accordingly. His simple delivery of 'Holy S___!' when a helicopter hovers to attack him is what anyone in that situation would say. The game is full of these one liners and lines that are just great. Then there's the supporters. Once again superb. Chloe Frazier is the new girl in town and she is an intriguing and sexy new addition that compliments Drake perfectly. She is played as dubious, but ultimatly heroic, and it's awesome to see her develop along the others. Once again Sully and Elena are back, and you love them all over again. Sully is one of the best creations for the game who is a older version of Nate, but still hasn't learned anything. Elena is Nate's love and she brings the reasons why into light here. Where he doesn't care, she cares too much, where he's dense, she's always thinking. A perfect pairing.
HOLY S____! They are the most amazing visuals on the ps3 by far. I'm sorry, take it as personal opinion, but WOW they are gorgeous. And more important, varied. From the museum at the begining, to jungles in Borneo, to the frozen mountains, to the battle weary city in Nepal. all is just awe inspiring. This is what Tomb Raider should have been, and Indiana Jones, and... The list goes on. This is a gold standar for adventure gaming. The player models are also gorgeous, I've never seen a game where the cutscenes are less beautiful than the regular game, as they are here. The models are that amazingly animated and drawn together. the clothes get covered in snow and are turned white, they darken when wet, they get dirt on them, the wrinkle when running and moving. It's awesome. The water looks and acts like water, and the snow looks and acts like snow. It's awesome.
A special section: SET PIECES
what I mean by this is those special sections of games where it's showcased and hyped and really get the point home. Whether they be car chases, rail gun shootouts, or what have you, these are the moments you remember... And U2 is AWESOME!!! I don't want to spoil it, but there's a lot. the helicopter attacking you from rooftops to blowing the bottom of the building you're in. The train chase where you go from the valleys of nepal to the moutnains battling henchmen and a helicopter (again, but still fun) to a truck chase through the mountain range. It's all so much fun, you just have to experience it.
Final thoughts
This is where it's tricky, do I give it a perfect 5? Or do I go lower...I'll have to go 4 1/2 because it's almost there. The game is gorgeous, fun, and the best around... But it's also a bit repetitive in gun shooting and friendly climbing. The best bits are too awesome for words, but they are still marred down by the not so good stuff. So there it is... 41/2. I still love this game

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sophia is coming now!

So, this blog is the introduction to my daghter, Sophia! She decided to come a week and a half early. It is now 9:30 AM. I have been up for nearly 24 hours. Yesterday, Tiff and I decided to have a movie night, during which some things transpired and Tiffany lost the rest of her Mucous plug. No big deal, that only meant that anywhere from a day to a week we could go into labor...Well as it turns out, it was hours. We were done with the movie at 11:30, and decided we needed to go to bed. Tiff was hunky dory, and so I felt like it'd be a while before anything happened. And by a while, I mean days. I played on my computer before I went to sleep.
So, here's the fun part, at about 1:30 AM, I am blissfully drifting (finally) off to sleep; and what should I discover...Tiff's not in bed, in fact, she's in the bathroom, and she's been in there for half an hour. She comes out completely in pain and breathless. I ask her what's wrong and she tells me it's contractions and they've been lasting a while. I say okay, and the next time she has one, I timed it...30 seconds. Okay, there's one, I thought, still half asleep, five minutes later...Another one, counted it, same amount of time. Five minutes later... On it goes. So for the nex two hours, I'm trying to go to sleep, but they just keep coming. So, we put in a movie, and all through it, she has these contractions, and we decide to call the hospital. they say we did. An hour later they're lasting longer...A full minute now, and so we call again. Again, told that we should wait. An hour later, the pain is pretty terrible, and so we call and say we're coming in.
Driving in the thick haze, we hope that this is real, Sophie kind of lets off a little, we're worried. We got to the hospital, and the nurse came in and checked Tiffs progress. She dilated about two centimeters more than earlier, but no more effacement. So the nurse told us that we were going to have to wait an hour to recheck,to see if progress was being made. After an hour and a half, we finally learned that we were six centimeters, and more effaced, not exactly sure how much more tho. Now two hours later, we find we're seven centimeters, and fully effaced. Water has yet to break, but man it's coming quick. So, here's to life, and the miracles it brings.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life vs. LIFE

Here's a new segment, or post, I'd like to call Life Vs. LIFE. In this post there will be compariosns. You can draw your own conclusions, they may not always reflect my thoughts or standings in the political world, but they will be entertaining at least.


Riding horses, chasing cattle across the open plains of America looking rugged, chiseled...


Looking like this. Yeah, that'll bring the ladies.



It's fun and exciting and and adventurous you too can do what this persons doing...


And then this'll happen. Ruining the rest of your vacation.



Snow in the city, so wonderful, so serene, so beautiful...


If you're looking that is.



Here we have our most recent President. Dignified, hopeful, intelligent...

DUUUUUUURRRRR! (Nothing meant by it. Just a funny picture is all. Have an equal one of Hillary Clinton)



That chick you've been talking to is so hot. She's smart, sophisticated, sexy sounding, she's totally...


... A dude.

So, that is the end of this section of Life vs. LIFE. I hope you enjoyed the journey. If you have any you want to see up here, be it pics or suggestions of a topic, just let me know, and I will do it for you. With love, I'm out.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here endeth the lesson pt. 2

So, I know that I have promised to write the second part of my review for The Mummy 3, well, it's not going to be finished. Basically, the movie had so many plot holes and stupid logic that it's just way too unbelieveable, even for a mummy movie.

So now what's happening in my life is I am having my first child. It's quite something to behold, a little baby yawning in the womb is one of the most awe inspiring things I think I have ever seen. It was just amazing, I almost cried... Almost.
I have to say though, scared isn't the right word for this experience. It's trepidation. Nervous, I guess it could be summed up by the fact that, yes, I want to be a dad, sure I think, bear in mind I said THINK, I'm ready for this, but at the other side, my life is now over, and given over to this tiny tiny thing. Wow right?

Here is the little peanut:

Isn't that adorable? My little unborn girl, giving mom and dad a big ol' you-know-what, that's priceless. She just would not move the whole picture taking experience. I mean the doc was pushing and shoving and wiggling, and little Sophia had none of it. He even said, she'll probably turn and give us the finger, not a minute later and *BAM* there it is. He said, Um, well that's not happened to me before. Only mine would do that. Yeesh. It's not on here, but we have another picture of her posing with her hand under her chin in the thinking man pose. Quite the little stinker already. But amazing, and I cannot wait for this baby to get here. 3 and a half months to go. Woo hoo!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here endeth the lesson pt 1

Well, after a long hiatus, I am here just blogging on about nothing. My brother is having a "grand" time right now, the olympics are in full swing and August is upon us at the movies. As evidenced by the quality of films. I once said I'd review movies, well here's mine for the Mummy 3.

Don't see it.

Well, not in theatres anyway. It never really grabs you one way or another, and there are WAAAAYYYY too many flaws for me to mention here. Actually, I'll just get going on them. We'll categorize them all for the sake of my fingers and the sake of you all.

1. Actors/Acting:
I want to start here, because it all really hinges on wether actors can suck you into the story or not. Some bad movies can still be counted good by watching the actor. (Liam Neeson in the Phantom Menace come to mind, as well as Ewan McGregor from all of the prequels.) Or sink a good/decent movie (Hayden Christensen in ANYTHING.)

Brendan Fraser once agains plays Rick O'Connell. He's good at being the fun adventure hero, and he does a fine job of bringing humor into his character. He's not given much to do, but he still comes off as a character worth watching.

Maria Bello playing Evelyn is stepping in for Rachel Weisz. Now, all I'll say to the sheer awkwardness of watching her is, you'll desperatly miss Rachel Weisz. She tries a British accent and it shows through that she is trying way to hard. She mugs her way through everything with this giant grin trying to be likeable, whereas Weisz just was likeable. She really shouldn't have been cast. Plus her and Brendan have ZERO chemistry between them, while on the other hand Rachel and Brendan oozing charm and love with eachother as well as individually.

The guy playing Alex. I can only call him that because I can't even remember the guy who plays him. He was that bad. He had no charm, he postured his way through the movie, trying to be cool, trying to be like his dad played by Brendan, (who in reality is only like 10 years his senior, and it shows.) and trying way, way WAY too hard to be sexy with the new girl/love interest. Just terrible. Eliminated him and the movie would have jumped way ahead in cool points, but alas they did not.

The Chinese girl/Love interest. No. Just terrible. The way she spoke tried to be all important and heavy, but just was badly delivered and acted. She has this one line with Alex (the son) and she says, "you stay here, I'll take care of the emperor." He says why don't I go and you stay or something, then she replies, in a terrible way, "Because I HAVE the ONLY weapon THAT can KILL HIM." Yeah, it sounds as bad as it looks.

John Hannah is always fun, his character was not really needed, but he's still always fun to watch and I love the view his character gives on things.

Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh. These two are the greatest asset to this movie, but also it's greatest detractor. With these two names, you want to see them more. They have to be right there in the thick of it. Jet Li especially. It was said that ONLY Jet Li could do this role. Well bull honky to that. Any martial artist could have. The way it all was staged and choreographed, anyone could have, they just wanted the name. Michelle Yeoh has the least to do in this movie, but one of the most vital roles in it. She's in all of ten minutes of the film. Much the same for Jet Li. He never is really in the movie until the end, or the extreme beginning. Plus they have a fight that just is badly done all around. It last 30 seconds. 30 SECONDS! For these two legends of martial arts, that is a crime. The fight itself was pure hornswaggle as well. Badly choreographed again and just as badly shot on film. It was all terrible.

I'll come back later for the rest of the review. With story and other elements.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

First and foremost.

So, here I am starting my first blog. Soon, movie reviews, game reviews/ideas will come, and all sorts of stuff. First off though, I want to say some things.
1. My sister in law just lost her oldest brother in what I can only describe as the most random act of God ever. My heart broke when I heard what had happened. And ALL of my love is given to them. I didn't know her brother well, if at all. What I do know, however, is that she loved him, as well as his entire family. This is a sad time for them, and anyone who reads this blog must realize, it is not easy. Pray for them, and pray for his family, for the strength to carry on in dark times. Surprises like this are indeed a blow, and are very hard to absorb. Please, give them all your love as well.
2. Many other things have happened recently, that shake the foundations of faith. To myself and/or my wife, and to other family members. One must wonder why God decides to let tribulation happen all at once. Maybe its to test all facets of faith, and not just one thing. I only hope for everyone around me, that he decides to put His guidance up there again, the tunnel of life is really getting dark.
Well, that'll be it for now. I promise I'll lighten up when I get the chance. Soon, I will review comic book movies, and as a comic geek, I know what I am talking about. Thanks a bunch.